Get Started with IDShield

With your IDShield account, your personal information can be monitored for potential fraud. To enter your personal information, make sure you activate your account and authenticate your identity.

  1. Go to and fill in the fields under 'Sign Up'.Your membership number is sent to you via email. Ensure you include the 'M' (primary member) or 'S' (spouse/significant other in family plans) at the end of the membership number. Note: If you created a username and password during your online purchase, enter that information under 'Log In' instead and skip to Step 3.

  2. Complete the blank fields to create an account so IDShield can find your credit file for credit monitoring.

  3. Answer the questions pulled from your credit file to verify your identity.

  4. Enter any information you want IDShield to monitor in the dashboard. Monitoring will begin as soon as information is entered.

Accessing Your Dashboard

When you return to, simply log in with your username and password and you will be taken straight to your dashboard.