What Is It?

What is the Challenge?

Click and listen to this short audio about the challenge. Make sure you click the "Accept the Challenge" link and make your commitment.

Video Coming Soon!

It’s summer! It’s still hot and we’re still fired up for the Two-A-Day Challenge!

We’re heading into the month of August with some major momentum and it’s your time to turn it up a notch! Make 60 exposures with 40 engagements by Monday, August 31st to be entered into a drawing to win a copy of the “The Pre-Paid Legal Story” by James W. Robinson. There are 10 prizes up for grabs so make the commitment to claim your copy today! We’ll see you at the top!

How to Get Started

How to see your progress in the Two-A-Day Challenge

You need to know where you stand during the contest. Learn how you can find your progress in this challenge.

How To Use PBLS

The Follow Up

Doing the challenge is not enough. Sharing info is just the beginning. You must now follow-up with a 3-way call so you can have an "expert" help you with either closing the sale, answering their questions or getting referrals. Proceed to the 3-way call next to see how to properly do this.

Types of 3-Way Calls (Darnell Self)

Inviting to events

The best way to get someone to see the true value of our membership and opportunity is a live presentation. This can be an online event (zoom), PBR (Private Business Reception), local event, etc. Next you will see how to access the events in PBLS. The video uses the weekend Zooms but you can access all events the same way.

How to invite to a weekend Zoom

Here is how you can use Prospect to invite to the weekend Zooms. This is a great way to not only let your guests know what's going on, but it also shares all the info about who is speaking and how to attend.

Use PBLS for Zoom Invites

Do It and Share Your Results!

How to share your results in the Two-A-Day Challenge

Click this video to learn how to share the results with your accountability partners! We want to hold everyone accountable. It's fun plus it keeps us pushing. Here is how you can easily share your progress.

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