Set A Goal

Review your goal with your sponsor so you are aligned with how to work together.

1. What is your WHY.....                    

2. How much do you want to make in your first 6 months?

3. How many hours are you willing   to work to make that happen?

4. What is your goal in your first 45 days?


Activate Your Business Technology

Get ready to enroll members.

Download the apps: LegalShield, IDShield, Prospect by LegalShield, and LSEngage.

Join the Facebook groups: LegalShield Associate Success and LegalShield Associate Support.

Use MEMBERPerks to save money.

Start your WILL, use your membership.

Get Trained

U.S. Only
Access the online portion of your Fast Start Training here:
Fast Start Training - Part 1

Note: You will need your associate credentials from your Welcome email to access the training.

After completing the online training you will then be given access to register for the Live Zoom part of the Fast Start training. Attend class as soon as possible (must be within first 20 days to receive a Fast Start bonus).

Canada and Spanish
Go to www.legalshieldcalendar.com.
Go to Search Bar (Enter - Fast Start).
Register for a Fast Start Training Class.‍
Attend class as soon as possible (must be within first 20 days to receive Fast Start bonus).


Take Action

Host a Private Zoom call in your first 24 hours.

Share the Opportunity/Membership Video with 5-10 Prospects per day.

Do 3-Way Calls with Sponsor.

Invite Guests to your local Business Opportunity Meeting (Bring 2).




Make A Plan

Use the Memory Jogger to create a list of prospects to share the membership and opportunity. Who can you invite from your cell phone contacts or Facebook friend list?

Set the date and time for your Private Zoom Call (first 24 hours).

Locate local Business Opportunity Meeting - Put in your calendar at

Set up 5 Sit Down Presentations with your sponsor (2:1 Presentation)

View Spanish Version

1. Fast Start Qualify to Sr. Associate in 20 days or less & receive a $200* Bonus!

Simply enroll $60 in premium & recruit one associate (or enroll $180 in premium)

2. Download the Prospect by LegalShield App


(open this link on your mobile device)

3. Download First Step Document

4. Get Registered for Fast Start Training


5. Watch Getting Started Right Training

In Get Started Right Step 1, you will learn how to set proper expectations for your new business from Darnell Self,
Executive Vice President & $1 Million Ring Earner.  Fill in the First Step Guide in as you complete the series.

This 4-step 30-minute video training series has been designed to help you reach your goal: Fast Start Qualify in 20 days or less. Commit to 30 minutes of training now and set yourself up for success in the years to come.
If prompted for a login, use your login credentials provided in your "Welcome Email" for the Associates Only Back Office (AOBO).

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