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Performance Club Trips

Earn premium dollars when you protect new members!

When you sign up a member, they’re protected, and you get rewarded! Every time you protect and empower an individual or family, you move closer to qualifying for the Performance Club and everything it has to offer!

Earn premium dollars while offering a great opportunity!

LegalShield has a nationwide community of independent sales associates who support each other on the path to success. As you grow your network, you increase your premium dollars. Find out how building a team can help you achieve Performance Club!

Qualify to see where you can go with LegalShield!

Whether it is sitting on the beach watching the sun set or enjoying a family getaway, the Performance Club gives you the opportunity to get there!  

We provide all the right tools to build a successful business!

Your LegalShield business can be operated all across North America.  With tools like Prospect by LegalShield, LS|Engage and many more, never let being "out of office" stop you from Performance Club qualifying!

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