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You’ve made the commitment to build your LegalShield business.  Now take the First Step to success with our First Step Training.

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Now it's time to Fast Start Qualify by attending a Fast Start Training and advancing to Senior Associate within your first 20-days to earn your first BONUS!

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Next, become a Future Leader of LegalShield by advancing to Manager within your first 45-days to earn your second BONUS!

Become a Future Leader!

Your final step as a New Associate is to become a Senior Manager! Do it in your first 90 days to earn your third BONUS and begin your pathway towards a monthly PC check! 

Sr. Manager Bonus

Fast Start Qualify

When you attend a Fast Start Training and go to Senior Associate in your first 20-days you will earn your first BONUS with an ADDITIONAL matching bonus your sponsor. Under the new Fast Start program EVERYBODY gets PAID!  

Once you’ve Fast Start qualified, your next step is to advance to Manager! When you achieve this milestone within your first 45-Days you will become a Future Leader of LegalShield and earn your second BONUS, in addition to special recognition and a Future Leaders lapel pin.

I started off with LegalShield by getting my list ready and calling everyone, making sure nobody was missed, just for the simple fact that people needed this...I needed this.

Connor Strauch

LegalShield gave me the opportunity to educate and empower people. To be proactive with their rights, versus reactive.

Thomas Jackson

All the hard work that I put in and continue to put in really does pay off! The sky is the limit!

Christal Morton

Apps You Need

Get the LSEngage App

LSEngage connects you to your growing team to help you support your business. You can send and receive messages, broadcast messages to your entire downline, monitor new business activity and level advancements, and use Web meeting powered by Zoom to video conference with your Associates and prospects right from your mobile device.

Prospect by LegalShield is a simple, easy to implement app that allows you and your associates to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns with your target customers with the tap of a button on their smart phone. You also have access to a complete library of resources to send to potential prospects.

Get the Prospect App