We have two full days of content spread over 6 general sessions to provide you with the tools, training and motivation to set your business on the path of success.

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Friday, April 16
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
General Session 1

Don't be late, we will kick off the International Convention with a powerful message from your servant CEO Jeff Bell. Your host, Don Thompson, will guide this interactive session as you dive into the Core Systems of Success, focusing on Core Systems 1 – 5. Stay alert – we have announcements which you certainly don’t want to miss!

● Our Time Is Now International Convention Opening Remarks: Jeff Bell, Servant CEO
● Core System #1 - Membership Acquisition: Kevin Palache & Ryan Ellison
● Core System #2 - Member Onboarding: Joshua Lockhart & Pat Manning
● Core System #3 - Associate Acquisition: Aaron Browning & Marty Wynn
Build Big Using Virtual Tools: Darnell Self
● Core System #4 - Associate Onboarding: Rob & April Hurst
● Core System #5 - Core Rank: James Kelly & Mike Humes

● Host: Don Thompson, President, Network Division

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
General Session 2

Elizabeth Gardner brings us back in our 2nd session to dive into Core Systems 6 – 10. During this segment we will also hear from Fatima Salaam and an extra special Ladies of Justice panel. Will there be any announcements? You bet! This session is guaranteed to help take your business to the next level.

Core System #6 - Building Event to Event: Patti Davison-Smith & Kai Deering
Core System #7 - Recognition & Incentives: Branden Samiengo & Panel
Core System #8 - Communication: Louise Brown & Steve Hoisington
Core System #9 - Skill Development: Mike Riches & Cliff Malloy
Core System #10 - Leadership Development: Jackie Kotei
● Ladies of Justice: Fatima Salaam & Panel

Host: Elizabeth Gardner, PWC & Co-chair of Ladies of Justice

6:00 Pm - 8:00 pm
General Session 3

We recognize, we motivate and we train! In this session, John Addison starts the show with a highlighted training on Leadership Development and how it can be applied to your business. Later, Darnell Self will congratulate and recognize Future Leaders, New Level Sr. Directors & Above, New Ring Earners, New Millionaire Club Members and Legends of LegalShield.

Seizing Your Future at LegalShield: John Addison, Board of Directors, LegalShield

Host: Darnell Self, PWC & Million Dollar Ring Earner

10:00 am - 1:30 pm
General Session 4

We're back for day two! Business Solutions associates - this one is for you. Ted Vitalo, VP of Business Solutions, will jump into the 7 Fundamentals for Business Solutions. We will conclude this session with even MORE well-deserved recognition and announcements.

● Fundamental #1 - Finding Prospects: Bill Stoval & Brenda Anderson
Fundamental #2 - Meeting Decision Makers: Alistair Edwards & Lisa Schiller
Fundamental #3 - Presenting & Enrollments: Rachael Lawton & Brian Parker
Fundamental #4 - Follow-up: Marty Gilano
Fundamental #5 - Get to a Decision and Closing: Rob Vest
Fundamental #6 - Sponsoring: Mike Riches & Linda Masoli
● Fundamental #7 - Promoting (Supporting Teams): Mike Riches & Linda Masoli

Host: Ted Vitalo, VP, Business Solutions

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
General Session 5

In this session, Don Thompson will bring us a life-changing training where we will learn to "Build Business for a Lifetime" and Elizabeth Gardner will be back to walk through the 7 Fundamentals of Success for Network. We will complete the session by hearing from Josh Lockhart's Young Pros panel. We have a lot of content packed into a short 4 hours - don't miss this one!

● Building a Business for a Lifetime: Don Thompson
Fundamental #1 - Finding Prospects: Tommy Sardine & Isra Wynn
Fundamental #2 - Inviting: Brian Carruthers
Fundamental #3 - Presenting: Scott Scantlin & Liz Lequeaux
Fundamental #4 - Follow-up: Darnell Self
Fundamental #5 - Get a Decision: Mike, Kim & Steve Melia
Fundamental #6 - Sponsoring: Christine Manning & Alex Shahid
● Fundamental #7 - Promoting: Martine Girotto
Young Pros: Josh Lockhart & Panel

Host: Elizabeth Gardner, PWC & Co-chair of Ladies of Justice

6:30 Pm - 8:30 pm
General Session 6

You may be thinking - what more could there be? Don't miss our insightful and motivational keynote with our Servant CEO, Jeff Bell. Darnell Self, the master of celebration, is back to ensure us that this session will bring down the house! Finally, what you've been waiting for all year, we will recognize the winners of the prestigious Lady of Justice Annual Achievement Awards. You can guarantee we will have huge incentive announcements including who will be headed out on our 2021 Performance Club trip to Cabo San Lucas! Don't miss the closing of the International Convention with Jeff Bell, Darnell Self and Don Thompson.

● Building a Better Normal: Jeff Bell, Servant CEO
Product Training: Melissa Wilder
Announcements: Jeff Bell, Don Thompson & Darnell Self

Host: Darnell Self, PWC & Million Dollar Ring Earner

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2021 International Convention

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April 16 & 17, 2021

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