Elevate by LegalShield is an annual conference focused on connecting and empowering lawyers with a passion for eliminating the justice gap.


  • Vast networking opportunities
  • Engage with a variety of vendors and experts.
  • Grow your referrals
  • Gain valuable insight into the latest industry developments.
  • Participate in sessions that deliver value to a variety of legal roles.
  • Take advantage of affordable state-approved CLE. At least 10 hours!


  • Small & Mid-Sized Firms who want to reduce costs and improve processes.
  • Large firms and veteran lawyers who want to learn the latest trends and distributors.
  • New lawyers who want to network and grow their business.
  • Lawyers interested in joining LegalShield's network of lawyers.

Continuing Legal Education

In addition to the opportunities to learn from powerful speakers, network with your peers and seeing the latest technology, Elevate by LegalShield offers a selection of affordable Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, all included in the conference registration fee. Each course covers timely topics important to legal professionals.

*CLE credit will only be given to those attending the live sessions at the conference.

Immigration Law

Presented by David Cowan and Yalissa Alfaro

In this session, Yalissa will share the fundamentals of Family Based Immigration and lawful citizenship, inadmissibility and deportation grounds, as well as how to support immigrants in criminal proceedings. David will share Immigration Law for the non-practitioner and what to ask in first discussions with prospective clients.

Cannabis Issues

Presented by Vince Imhoff, Amanda Ostrowitz, Andrew Livingston,  Damon Cassens; Lenny Frieling; David Wunderlich, Barb Brohl, Jason Searns

Economic Heart of State Cannabis Markets/Variables in Marketing Potential

Formation, Operation and Real Estate Issues

Real Estate Considerations for marijuana businesses

Regulation Complexities: Today and Tomorrow

Understanding Hemp v. Cannabis v. CBD

Why you want to set up a Cannabis practice: Practical Implications

DUI's and DUID Considerations

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Using Data Drive Growth and Productivity

Presented by Jack Newton, Patrick Palace, Mary Juetten

Data has the power to transform industries. Only recently has the legal profession used real-world data to capture industry insights. Revolutionary insights from Clio’s 2018 Legal Trends Report changed all of that. 

Join this session to understand how lawyers have the opportunity to collect data, measure progress, and leverage technology to become an order of magnitude more productive and to service their clients in a more efficient, effortless fashion. Learn how can individual Tennessee lawyers can use data, process review, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive firm growth and improve firm productivity.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Panel

Presented by Steven Weinberger and MIchael Medina

Whether vehicular injury or medical malpractice, in this session you'll learn what factors should determine whether you take or do not take a catastrophic personal injury case. You’ll learn early case strategy, the definition and identifiers of crashworthiness and see case strategy in action. However, even great cases can have problems and our speakers will show you when you need to settle the case.  

How the Godfather and 20 Years of Murder Cases Taught me Professionalism

Presented by Paul Scarsella

Remember the famous line from the Godfather, "Its just business"? It seems that in today's culture, everything is personal. But, taking things personally drastically diminishes the ability to be professional. From dealing with a difficult judge to dealing with our own staff members- our professionalism is truly all we have. Paul spent 20 years as a prosecutor handling some of the most heart wrenching and gruesome homicides. While each case had an impact on him personally, he was always able to maintain utmost professionalism.

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How to Scale Your Law Firm through Automation and Ethical Legal Marketing

Presented by Nalini Prasad and Emma Raimi

Discover how to build online presence while remaining in good standing with bar counsel

Learn fundamentals of SEO to maximize online ROI

Achieve Google reviews that won't be suppressed

Hear common pitfalls of poor marketing that cause firms to lose leads and referrals

Discover marketing automation and technology tools that help firms streamline lead generation and intake and reduce ethical missteps

Learn the most important data and metrics to track related to marketing to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction. 

How AI and Analytics are Changing Litigation

Presented by Chris Schoenbaur.

In this session, Chris will explain how AI and Analytics are being applied to litigation data in new ways that provide insights previously unavailable and enable legal teams to work much faster and more cost-effectively.  

Limited Scope Representation (Ethics)

Presented by Greg May

How to use Limited Scope Representation to better serve your clients who cannot afford full-blown representation.  

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Contemporary Issues in the Workforce

Presented by Ben Farrowand John Jakovenko

Having a multigenerational workforce can, and should, be a distinct advantage for companies today. The wide range of ideas and knowledge from a broad group of people can actually serve the company well, and help employees excel in their work.  One of the biggest challenges facing leaders will be managing an employee age profile which in theory could range from 18 to 80.  In this program you’ll learn why the annual review is inadequate, what motivates a younger employee, a middle aged employee and an older employee and how different management strategies apply to different employees.  This program will demonstrate how to harness generational differences which present a positive opportunity for development for the company and the employee.

Elder Law

Presented by D. Sharon Gentry, Charlotte Johnson, Kolbi Cumbo

Elder law is a complex field and can be overwhelming to navigate for our clientsAs practitioners, it is important that we are familiar with the basics. In this session, you’ll learn the importance and basics of Special Needs Trusts, Medicare and Medicaid, Estate Recovery, and Social Security Disability.  

EQ & Customer Service: Leading an Emotionally Intelligent Law Firm

Presented by Kent Showalter

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered by many to be the #1 predictor of professional success and individual excellence. By understanding EQ and applying the strategies learned in this session, lawyers can improve client and partner relationships and build an emotionally intelligent law firm. Learn how to accurately access situations, tune into emotions and respond intentionally in order to diffuse difficult situations. You’ll be provided with strategies to help create an EQ Action Plan and will learn how to use EQ to communicate with excellence.  


Elevate Your Network

Connect with law firms from across the U.S. and Canada, meet LegalShield leaders and learn how to get more referrals through the LegalShield referral attorney network.


Elevate Your Practice

Gain insight from our speakers and let our Tech Show vendors share the latest tools to help you manage your practice more efficiently and improve your customer service.


Elevate Your Knowledge (CLE)

While you’re here, attend a variety of engaging courses and earn state-approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – it’s all included in the $199 registration fee.

Elevate Sponsors and Tech Vendors

The Tech Show at Elevate is the perfect time to engage with vendors and check out the latest advances geared specifically toward the legal industry. Test out new technology and stock up on the tools you need to run your practice efficiently and effectively.

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What People Are Saying

Bill Thrush

Friedman, Framme & Thrush

event attendee

"Doesn’t matter what your practice is … There is something here [at Elevate] that you’re going to take away with you."

Ben Farrow

Anderson Law Firm

event attendee

“The legal business is all about thought and
thought processes.  If you are not attending conferences like Elevate you are a dinosaur and your business will suffer for it.  You need to be with thought leaders in the future not stuck in the past.  If you want to see the future today you need to be at Elevate.”

Mae Hung

Shimanovsky & Moscardini

event attendee

"Attending Elevate is a great way to find out new information about things that not only the other Provider Firms are doing but also what LegalShield has in store for us."

Mark Stone

Stone & Maya

event attendee

"It’s a chance to network with other attorneys, generate new business, earn CLE and gain valuable insight from LegalShield into their expectations from customer service to exciting and new sales and marketing efforts."