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President of Network Division, Don Thompson

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LegalShield Dream Builders have achieved the highest ranks to become the best of the best! They’re part of an elite group who has demonstrated consistency, commitment, and true leadership! Becoming a Dream Builder is no small task, so we only create BIG incentives like ourcurrent Platinum 4 Life program! Associates who qualify as a Platinum ExecutiveDirector by December 31st, 2020 and maintain that level for5-consecutive-years could be eligible to walk away with $1.5 Million!
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Apps You Need

Get the LSEngage App

LSEngage connects you to your growing team to help you support your business. You can send and receive messages, broadcast messages to your entire downline, monitor new business activity and level advancements, and use Web meeting powered by Zoom to video conference with your Associates and prospects right from your mobile device.

Prospect by LegalShield is a simple, easy to implement app that allows you and your associates to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns with your target customers with the tap of a button on their smart phone. You also have access to a complete library of resources to send to potential prospects.

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