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President of Network Division, Don Thompson

Help new associates get started right and PC qualify! Earn PC4life upline bonuses for each month they earn a PC Check during their first 15 months!

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Build right! Focus on Power Team recruiting! Get rewarded each month! 

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Take your business to new heights with Builder4Life for 12+ consecutive month ED's! 

Claim your bonus today!

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Listen as $150k Ring Earner, Karen Beverly explains the power of the Business Builder incentive and how you can leverage it to launch your business in a big way!

Fast Start Qualify

Listen as $50,000 Ring Earner, April Hurst explains why the new PC4Life program is the building block that will take you all the way to Executive Director by learning how to tap into its unlimited earning potential!

"We appreciate the fact that the company puts things like the Business Builder incentive together to keep us focused in our recruiting efforts."

Ken Smith

" I am thankful for the Business Builders incentive, because it helped us to be motivated to get our team in the game."

Joelle Terranova

"I appreciate that our team members work together to follow the company's system. It's a great experience."

Joanna Yang

Apps You Need

Get the LSEngage App

LSEngage connects you to your growing team to help you support your business. You can send and receive messages, broadcast messages to your entire downline, monitor new business activity and level advancements, and use Web meeting powered by Zoom to video conference with your Associates and prospects right from your mobile device.

Prospect by LegalShield is a simple, easy to implement app that allows you and your associates to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns with your target customers with the tap of a button on their smart phone. You also have access to a complete library of resources to send to potential prospects.

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